Vendor-Managed Inventory Program

Our associates work with customers to develop best-in-class business solutions. Our experience and expertise have provided customers with state-of-the-art applications and superior supply-chain performance. Our sales associates work with clients to implement customer-specific solutions. Your Vendor-Managed Inventory Program will be designed to address your organization’s financial and supply-chain goals.

Simple Responsive Solutions

Our associates specialize in listening carefully to our customers and providing business solutions that fit our customers’ unique and specific needs.

Superior Performance

With nearly three decades of successful industry experience and a proven seven-step process, our energy professionals deliver the highest quality and the most prompt, reliable delivery to meet your precise specifications.

Supply Chain Optimization

Our integrated inventory management and logistics infrastructure ensures we can match forecasted delivery requirements 100 percent of the time.

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Your Time is Your Money

Make every minute count with Mockbee's Vendor Managed Inventory Program

Flexible Inventory Replenishment Program

C.M. Mockbee can customize programs to fit your specific procurement or replenishment needs. We will monitor and replenish your on-hand inventoried items while you maintain control.

Vendor Reduction

With more than 2,700 suppliers that cover more than 40 major product categories, C.M. Mockbee can reduce your vendor base and decrease your backorders without sacrificing service.

Continuous Improvement Program

C.M. Mockbee will work with you at every stage to identify and suggest areas that may need improvement.

Storeroom Organization

C.M. Mockbee’s storeroom program will allow you to increase your efficiency and productivity and produce greater profitability.

Customized Reporting

C.M. Mockbee can provide product usage reports listing inventory by multiple locations within your facility or storeroom.

Billing Option Flexibility

C.M. Mockbee offers several billing options including periodic and consolidated billing as well as blanket purchase orders.

Mockbee Cost-Saving Opportunities

C.M. Mockbee has a customized program which will allow you to improve financial performance.

Procurement Costs

C.M. Mockbee’s inventory services and value programs will allow you to reduce all of these costs:

  • Administration Costs
  • Purchasing Costs
  • Receiving Costs
  • Disbursement Costs
Possession Costs

Inventory reduction programs will allow you to reduce your overall inventory expenses by:

  • Standardizing Inventory
  • Eliminating Obsolete Inventory
  • Reducing Inventory Levels
  • Freeing Up Costly Square Footage Space
Try the power of our vendor managed inventory program for:

  • All Fasteners
  • All Thread
  • Stainless Hoisting Equipment
  • Steel Fabrication
  • Chain
  • Wire Cable
  • Fittings

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