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Just as C.M. Mockbee is committed to social responsibility, our family shares passion for making a positive impact. We encourage supporting local communities and their goals for the future generations. It is imperative that we engage with our employees and business partners to capture our community’s creativity, knowledge, and special moments for others as much as possible.  Mockbee is driven to break down barriers, open doors of opportunity, and inspire hope for our City and families we serve.  Join us in our mission to transform lives and build a future that is filled with endless possibilities.

We at Mockbee are blessed to have opportunities to patronize community programs either in donations or sponsorships of planned events.  We recognize the effort and commitment that others serve in their organization or cause that benefit others.  Like many other businesses, Mockbee has a strong connection to several local charities and will continue to work with organizations that fit with our mission to serve others. 

Our Partnership with Kenny Anderson Alliance

C.M Mockbee is a proud sponsor of the Kenny Anderson Alliance based out of Cincinnati, OH who provides a quality of life that enables adults with disabilities to develop and sustain lifelong relationships, independence, and self-esteem while contributing to the larger community.   The KAA service models provide opportunities for growth in social and educational areas, as well as in life skills and employment. To that end, Ken Anderson Alliance has a strong outreach component facilitated through community integration, partnerships and activities.

Ken Anderson Alliance is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

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