LED Lighting Solutions

LED Lighting Solutions LED Lighting Solutions

Our Process

C.M. Mockbee’s energy professionals employ a proven seven-step process to every lighting project to ensure high-quality results. In addition, your lighting project proposal will state your expected return on investment and purchasing options.

LED Lighting Solutions

Discovery: Initial Facility Assessment Meeting

We discuss project objectives to determine if they are based on achieving energy savings, improving facility lighting levels or a combination of both. We also review current technologies offered from a list of factory-direct manufacturers.

Field Energy Audit & Design

In order to properly customize your lighting system to ensure maximum energy savings, a Mockbee associate will conduct a thorough field survey of your entire facility. We will review your interior and exterior lighting systems as well as your building size and height so we can specify the appropriate energy-efficient, sustainable LED lighting technology.

Technology Demonstration

Photometric drawings and layouts can be provided to verify overall light levels and distribution qualities of any proposed lighting technology. What makes C.M. Mockbee different from our competitors is our willingness to take the process a step further and provide a technology demonstration at no cost or obligation to you.

Incentive Management

C.M. Mockbee’s portfolio of completed lighting projects includes facilities in 26 states and two countries. As a result, we have strategic partnerships with a majority of the investor-owned utilities across the U.S. that offer incentives for implementing energy-efficient lighting measures. C.M. Mockbee’s project support staff handles every step of the incentive process from start to finish, capturing maximum rebate dollars from any program.

Proposal Presentation

Proposals are generated from data collected from commercial energy audits as well as technology demonstrations. Your proposal will include a recap of your existing system as well as a proposed solution detailing the investment, the recommended lighting technology, and environmental and improved facility benefits. In addition, the proposal will state your ROI and purchasing options.

Project Implementation

We will coordinate the installation of your new lighting system as a full turnkey solution. We will work to make sure your project is completed as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. Our implementation services include product installation, project installation, project management, and disposal and reclamation of your old system.

Environmental Stewardship Award

Mockbee presents this award as a public opportunity to customers that significantly reduce harmful greenhouse gases through the use of our patented lighting products and systems. The recognition includes the presentation of a plaque that details the amount of KWH displaced and environmental impact equivalent over the lifetime of the new lighting system. The recognition also includes assistance from our communications department in developing and disseminating a press release to your local media outlets.

LED Lighting Solutions
LED Lighting Solutions

Client Testimonials

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Mockbee has been a valuable vendor for our company for numerous indoor lighting projects. These projects include a 175,000 square foot warehouse and distribution space for Procter & Gamble (P&G), a 100,000 square foot technical industrial lab space for GE Aviation, and 195,000 square feet of warehouse space for a redevelopment currently underway in an asset we own in Florence, KY for Sun Chemical.

I would certainly recommend Mockbee, as they are not only professional and courteous, but also willing to invest time in projects to help improve efficiencies and thus lower overall project costs. I would close by stating that Mockbee will continue to be a primary resource for our company, and I have recommended them to our tenants for their expertise and service quality. My overall experience has been excellent.

Kevin S.Partner, First Highland Development

CM Mockbee has completed numerous lighting upgrade projects for us over the years. They were very instrumental in our transformation from 400 watt and 1000 watt High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide shop lighting to Fluorescent fixtures back 14 to 15 years ago, while saving us a ton on energy costs. And now they have been instrumental in converting us from Fluorescents to LED.

The most recently completed project was to help us light up some dark corners and aisle ways to make our shop look cleaner and more inviting to our customers. We also started converting some of the remaining 1000 watt High Pressure Sodium lights in our 70’ high bay to high bay LEDs. Their team is always helpful with providing savings and ROI calculations to help us push these projects thru the budgeting process. Mockbee has also done an excellent job securing much needed utility incentives that have helped justify the lighting upgrades.

Brian L.Purchasing Manager

After Mockbee’s proven results with the facilities light upgrade, we asked them to tackle our floor condensation problem in the facility which was a safety concern. Mockbee installed (7) 24′ large diameter fans which solved the floor condensation issue and produced a more pleasant working environment for our associates by de-stratifying and mixing the air throughout the high ceiling warehouse. An extra bonus of these fans is the anticipated energy cost savings throughout the heating season from this air mixing. The professionalism of both the lighting and fan installation teams was outstanding. Thanks. 

Dan S.Director of Operations

LED Lighting Solutions LED Lighting Solutions

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LED Lighting Solutions