Maximizing Your Commercial Exterior Lighting

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Exterior commercial lights can boost your property value by enhancing its visual appeal — and aesthetics are just one reason to consider a new system from C.M. Mockbee.

Why Upgrade Your Commercial Outdoor Lighting?

An updated outdoor commercial lighting system can positively impact your facility’s security, bottom line and performance.

Improve Security

The right illumination helps shed light on unwanted activity. Deter bad actors and keep patrons and employees safe from threats with well-lit outdoor spaces. You can incorporate features such as automatic dimmers and motion sensors to maintain more control over energy use while still helping protect the welfare of property visitors and occupants.

Exterior lighting also improves accessibility for commercial buildings. Help visitors safely find their way by making parking lots, sidewalks and your business easier to navigate after dark. The right lighting can help reduce your liability for issues arising from poor visibility.

Save Money

LED commercial exterior lights provide an excellent return on investment for business owners through higher energy efficiency and lower utility costs than conventional lighting. At C.M. Mockbee, we’ve helped customers save thousands of dollars annually by installing high-performance LED fixtures from leading manufacturers. A lighting upgrade is also instrumental in eliminating the costly maintenance associated with older systems and approaches.

Once you make the investment, you need to know how to protect your commercial exterior lighting to extend its life span and produce additional savings. You can take a few steps to safeguard your lighting solution, including:

  • Ensuring proper installation.
  • Covering outdoor wired lighting.
  • Using fixtures and bulbs rated for exterior operation.
  • Incorporating surge protection.

Access Modern Technology

Today’s lighting options include advanced technology like Bluetooth compatibility. In practice, these LED fixtures offer the same — or better — performance as traditional wired lighting with the convenience of wireless operation. Control brightness, motion sensors and timers from an easy-to-use interface and any connected device.

Why Partner With C.M. Mockbee for Exterior Commercial Lighting?

C.M. Mockbee is a trusted partner for exterior lighting project design and implementation for numerous reasons, including:

  • Experience and expertise: We specialize in bringing custom energy solutions and the latest technology to commercial organizations across multiple industries — and we’ve been doing it for over 100 years.
  • A selective vendor network: Our team carefully vets and chooses the manufacturers we work with to ensure access to the highest-quality products.
  • Exceptional customer experiences: We go the extra mile for satisfaction, offering unique solutions for customers’ needs.
  • An established team: The C.M. Mockbee team includes long-term members — our repeat customers get to speak with someone they know and have confidence in when they contact us.

Contact C.M. Mockbee Today to Get Started With Our Energy Solutions Services!

As a trusted business partner, we offer end-to-end retrofit services with a complimentary field energy audit and custom solution design. Our team also lends its in-depth knowledge to new construction projects so you can make the most of your investment from the first flick of the switch. 

Experience our individualized attention and superior customer service firsthand by connecting with a team member online to request your free audit.

Maximizing Your Commercial Exterior Lighting Maximizing Your Commercial Exterior Lighting

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Maximizing Your Commercial Exterior Lighting
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