Types of LED Exterior Lighting Fixtures and When to Use Them

Types of LED Exterior Lighting Fixtures and When to Use Them

The ideal exterior lighting should complement your commercial or industrial building’s purpose while illuminating the outdoor space as necessary. Getting familiar with several kinds of exterior LED fixtures will help you decide which types are best for your property.

Different Types of LED Exterior Lighting

C.M. Mockbee designs and installs commercial LED lighting solutions tailored to your unique space and needs. We leverage a range of optics choices, lumen packages, tenon styles and automation to achieve better visual appeal, property security and guest safety — all while driving bottom-line savings. 

Our project successes include solutions and applications like:

  • LED floods: LED flood lights are often used for outdoor commercial applications, such as illuminating parking garages, stadiums, billboards, warehouses and retail stores. They are high-powered and have a large reach to light sizeable areas.
  • LED landscape lights: These are ideal for showcasing unique landscape features or illuminating business signage. Smaller models are also useful for lining walkways to help visitors navigate safely after dark
  • LED bollards: Lighted bollards often serve two purposes — they shed illumination along roads and pathways while helping direct traffic flow. These LED solutions generate bright light at low temperatures for increased fire safety.
  • LED parking lot lighting: LED parking lot area lights increase visibility across broad areas. Bright LED fixtures create more vehicle security and a safer nighttime passage for your employees and guests.
  • LED canopy lights: Canopy LED lights span overhead surfaces at establishments like gas stations, medical centers and covered drive-through lanes. They provide consistent lighting with minimal glare.
  • Dusk-to-dawn LED lighting: Our team implements these automated solutions for maximum cost-efficiency. Photocells trigger bright illumination at dusk that lasts all night.
  • Wall pack LED lights: These models mount directly to the exterior walls of commercial structures, typically surrounding entryways. They help create safer experiences by clearly illuminating stairs, handles and walkways.

Benefits of LED Exterior Lighting

Though LED lights come in various configurations, they all provide benefits that can greatly enhance your commercial or industrial facility. Some of the advantages include:

  • Lower maintenance needs: LED lights offer superior light quality, high performance and long life spans compared to choices like fluorescent or metal halide bulbs. These factors lend them more hours of functional life, requiring less maintenance in the long run. When it’s time to replace your LED lights, you can dispose of them easily, as they don’t contain hazardous materials.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Certain solutions like flood lights can be costly because of their size and reach. However, LED versions call for less maintenance, which saves costs over time and helps you receive a great return on your upfront expenses. They also require less energy, helping to lower utility bills.
  • Higher efficiency: Of the energy that incandescent bulbs produce, only 10% is converted to light. The rest is wasted in the form of heat. In comparison, LED bulbs convert about 90% of the energy they create to light.
Types of LED Exterior Lighting Fixtures and When to Use Them Types of LED Exterior Lighting Fixtures and When to Use Them

Get Started With LED Outdoor Lighting!

If LED lighting is the right choice for your project, have it installed by a trustworthy light fixture installation company. Contact the C.M. Mockbee Co. team to request an on-site facility audit today.

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Types of LED Exterior Lighting Fixtures and When to Use Them
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