What Are Industrial Shackles & What Are They Used For?

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What Are Industrial Shackles Used For?

Businesses in various industries use shackles for tasks like lifting heavy items and towing vehicles or equipment. This guide covers the two main types of industrial shackles, what these shackles are used for and their benefits.

What Are Industrial Shackles?

Formally known as “gyves,” industrial shackles are vital components for tasks such as rigging, securing and lifting. These tools come in various materials, including galvanized steel, alloy steel, carbon steel and stainless steel.

What Are the Types of Shackles?

The two most common shackles for industrial applications are chain shackles, also known as D-shackles or dee shackles, and anchor shackles, also called bow shackles or omega shackles.

These two shackle types both:

  • Connect the lifting or pulling device, like a truck or hoist hook, to your load.
  • Use a bolt or load pin that can be removed or opened.
  • Come in various sizes for different payloads.
  • Require frequent visual inspections to ensure safety.

These shackles also have critical differences that determine which option would work best for a job.

1. D-Shackles

These tools are the most common for industrial applications. They resemble a “D” with their narrower body structure, which makes them more suitable for loads with in-line tension. Attempting to side load these shackles is often unsafe, as they may bend or warp. D-shackles provide superior strength for the applications they are designed for, and you can trust their reliability for a range of load sizes.

2. Anchor Shackles

Anchor shackles look more like a horseshoe than a “D” with their rounded bow, which is the section opposite the pin. This larger bow shape makes these shackles suitable for side loading and multiple connections. These tools are also ideal for larger straps.

How Can Businesses Use Shackles?

Your business can use shackles for several industrial applications, including:

  • Lifting objects: Shackles collaborate with cranes and other lifting equipment to raise heavy objects.
  • Securing loads: These tools can connect wires, straps or ropes to contain a heavy load.
  • Towing vehicles: Shackles can help you attach equipment to towing vehicles for easier transportation.

When using shackles for lifting or for other uses, inspecting them for damage is critical for safety. Replace these tools when they show signs of disformity, like bending or warping.

The Benefits of Industrial Shackles

Shackles are a vital element of rigging. Some advantages include:

  • Durability: These steel connections can hold thousands of pounds.
  • Ease of use: Shackles let you easily hook your load to a crane or other equipment.
  • Safety: These tools protect workers by offering a secure attachment point for loads.

To fully experience the benefits of industrial shackles, ensure you use the correct sling straps and hook sizes. You should also select the right material thickness for your load size. Shackle manufacturers often include sizing guides and information with the tools for you to reference.

What Are Industrial Shackles & What Are They Used For? What Are Industrial Shackles & What Are They Used For?

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What Are Industrial Shackles & What Are They Used For?
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